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Simpson's Sweets...

COVID Policy:
• Only one family group or three friends allowed in at any one time
• Hands MUST be sanitised on entry
• Please only touch what you’re going to buy

Welcome to Simpson’s. We are a friendly local sweetshop selling a wide range of traditional and modern confectionary for all ages.

Our milkshakes are made with lots of ice cream, and smoothies are simply juice and frozen fruit. We make a really good cup of coffee using  locally roasted fair trade Columbian beans  and stock a range of chilled drinks, and make a good coke float! 
As well as the classic flavours of vanilla, chunky choc chip and strawberry's and cream our range of creams also include; mint choc choc, salted caramel, bubblegum, vanilla fudge brownie, cookies & cream, candy floss amongst others. 
  All our milkshakes can be made as lactose free or vegan options, and we stock a range of vegan sweets as well.

Popcorn machine hire available. Dogs are welcome. Do come and pay us a visit, we’d love to see you!

Tel: 07401364282 or Email click here

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Opening Hours:

Monday: closed  
Tuesday- Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday:  9am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm 

(Opening hours may vary throughout the year and school holidays)

How to find Simpsons Sweets:

Simpsons Sweets & Milkshakes | Framlingham | Suffolk